About Us

CIO & Leader is India’s leading fortnightly magazine for technology decision makers. It promotes the exchange of informed perspectives and insights on trends, management techniques and new IT business strategies, between CIOs and other stakeholders. CIO & Leader is acknowledged as a 'trusted source' of knowledge for top management responsible for balancing the demands on technology for ‘growth and governance’.

Our advantage lies in our qualified and experienced team of editors, researchers, and marketers – who combine their energies to achieve client objectives...

  • High-integrity and quality-intensive, innovative editorial content that keeps CIOs  and mid-sized growth companies ‘hooked’ 
  • An experienced in-house research team that continuously fuels the editorial engine 
  • Research and editorial work closely and seamlessly to bring the best value to our readers 
  • 360 degree community connect – engage this community through a range of products and services...

A business development team that understands editorial integrity and client needs – works to deliver the best fit

About 9.9 Group

9.9 Group has interests across niche communities, content and distribution, print and digital media, and filmed content. It is founded by five senior media professionals with diverse set of experiences in the media industry. Please visit our website www.9dot9.in for more information

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