Targeted Attacks Will Become As Prevalent As Cybercrime

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  •  Nov 28, 2014
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Public-private partnerships will be needed more than ever to disrupt and take down cybercriminal operations, says Trend Micro security predictions for 2015

  1. More cybercriminals will turn to darknets and exclusive-access forums to share and sell crimeware.
  2. Increased cyber activity will translate to better, bigger, and more successful hacking tools and attempts.
  3. Exploit kits will target Android, as mobile vulnerabilities play a bigger role in device infection.
  4. Targeted attacks will become as prevalent as cybercrime.
  5. New mobile payment methods will introduce new threats.
  6. We will see more attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in open source apps.
  7. Technological diversity will save IoE/IoT devices from mass attacks but the same won’t be true for the data they process.
  8. More severe online banking and other financially motivated threats will surface.

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