Intelligent Security: The 3V Test

Today, a good intelligent security solution should have the ability to handle all three Vs of big data—volume, variety and velocity

Intelligent Security: The 3V Test - CSO Forum

As machine learning and artificial intelligence make great strides, there is application of them in all spheres of life—from health and education to agriculture and mining.

Cyber security is no exception. Intelligent security has already become sort of a buzzword. There is a lot of expectation from AI as far as managing security is concerned.

All of us CISOs have added layers and layers of security. Newer threats require even newer investments. While the sensitivity around security has resulted in businesses opting to invest on it, there is a question that is often asked—what guarantee, as CISOs, can we give that the business is safe. We know, no one can give that guarantee.

Can this great security challenge be solved by intelligent security?

I do not have the answer to that question yet.

But I think an approach that would help is if we look at security with a slightly different perspective.

All of you are only too familiar with the three Vs of big data—volume, velocity and variety.

What if security can be looked at with that lens?

I feel today, a good intelligent security solution should have the ability to handle all three—volume, variety and velocity.

Just look at it.

The data is huge. We cannot think of doing anything with it manually. We need a solution that can handle, analyze and give us intelligent reports.

There is a lot of variety. You have voice records of the customer. You have logs. You have structured data. You have unstructured data. You have different user behaviors. You have digital assets. You have databases. Can a solution cut across all these and come with meaningful insights?

Similarly, all this is coming at great velocity. There is a deluge, as they say.

For me, an intelligent security solution is that which should be able to meet all the three challenges and give us accurate, dependable insights that are actionable, minimizing human intervention.

The author is CIO at DishTV

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