6 Steps to Prevent Loss or Theft of Sensitive data

Deploying data security need not be complex, expensive or ineffective.

Data Loss Preventions  or DLP implementations are expected to surge in the year ahead.

The theft of intellectual property (IP) is driving the need more than 
compliance requirements, as organizations are realizing that DLP can protect competitive advantages and prevent espionage by  securing business plans, product roadmaps and other confidential information.

So, while  most organizations are not looking forward to  deploying DLP, they  recognize that they must.  

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Proactive companies are protecting their iP and other confidential information through a combination of encryption services, digital rights management and  DLP controls. however, they might not be protecting enough, narrowly defining iP as patents, trademarks and information that a legal team would protect.

IP can also include operational information, plans,  forecasts and working bids for future business. in fact, any information that provides competitive advantage  can be considered IP.

This whitepaper describes the shortest path to reaching  the prevention stage of data loss and data theft  incidents without bringing data flows to a halt.

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